Hope and Healing Trauma Recovery Workshop

Trauma recovery is a major problem in our society that does not receive the attention, funding, research or priority it deserves. The effects of unresolved trauma make a major contribution to many societal problems

—Dr. Colin Ross
Hope and Healing Trauma Recovery Workshop

The Trauma Recovery Program encourages effective living in the present rather than recovery of repressed memories. Healing occurs by processing and integrating feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Current research indicates that memory recall is, at best, unreliable; healing does not take place at the level of memories.

Treatment Goals of the Trauma Model

The treatment goal of the Trauma Recovery Program is to help individuals improve their functioning by helping them to stabilize, using new tools learned in the group setting. This model helps group members identify conflicts and unlearn specific distortions related to the effects of trauma. Participants move toward the ultimate healing of interpersonal forgiveness and grief for the childhood they never had.

This model focuses on exercise that fosters the development of self-awareness and processes the trauma on a feeling level with an emphasis on regulating those feelings. The model also teaches the importance of learning about the effects of trauma and why it continues. Finally, the program can be adapted for a religious context to include prayer.

Hope and Healing Trauma Recovery Workshop

Sponsors fund this Hope and Healing Trauma Recovery Workshop, so those who need this training can come free of charge. Mental health professionals, Pastors, Police Departments, and other Professionals can take advantage of this free trauma training. Victims should not be re-victimized when seeking professionals to help them heal and obtain justice. This Workshop will also help first responders and those in emergency medicine as they are on the front lines of trauma-involved individuals. 

The TentMakers seeks to make a difference by bringing Trauma Recovery Associates to the Acadiana area for the Hope and Healing Trauma Recovery Workshop in The Trauma Recovery Program. Trauma Recovery Associates comprises mental health professionals with experience in treating adult survivors of childhood abuse and neglect. This Workshop introduces licensed mental health professionals and other professionals to the core concepts of the internationally recognized Trauma Model proposed by Dr. Colin Ross, MD.

Our last Hope and Healing Trauma Recovery Workshop took place in Opelousas, Louisiana, at First Baptist Church, 3835 Interstate 49 South Service Rd, Opelousas, LA 70570, on October 19, 2022.


Continuing Education for the Hope and Healing Workshop

The Louisiana Counseling Association is approved by the Louisiana Licensed Professional Board of Examiners to offer continuing education for Louisiana Licensed Professional Counselors and Provisional Licensed Professional Counselors 7.0 CE clock hours has been reviewed and approved for Louisiana Licensed Professional Counselors.

Social Workers: This course is approved by the Michigan Social Work Continuing Education Collaborative, Course approval #041714-01.

NBCC has approved Trauma Recover Associates as an Approved Continuing Education Provider ACEP No. 6746. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Trauma Recovery Associates is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.