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Photo of the Peyton Family in front of green trees

About The Peyton Family

The Peyton family endured the harrowing ordeal of clergy sexual abuse, a traumatic experience marked by betrayal. Their trusted priest, who had served them for 12 years, subjected one of their children to sexual molestation. Despite his professional background in supervising sexual offenders, Scott Peyton, an ordained Deacon in the Catholic Church, failed to recognize the predatory behavior of their priest, who was methodically grooming their entire family. Meanwhile, Letitia Peyton continued homeschooling their four youngest children, striving to shield them from the horrors unfolding within the Church and their community. At the same time, she and her husband confronted the trauma that enveloped their family.

Despite their firsthand knowledge of law enforcement and Scott’s role as a Deacon, the Peyton family encountered immense challenges while navigating the legal system and the church hierarchy to pursue justice for their son. This arduous journey proved overwhelming for their family, let alone an individual enduring the abuse alone.

Their struggle to navigate the legal system and the Catholic Church hierarchy while coping with the trauma inflicted upon them prompted the Peyton family to embark on a mission to establish a nonprofit organization. Through this initiative, they aimed to support other victims of clergy sexual abuse who, like themselves, may lack connections and a comprehensive understanding of the Church and legal systems.