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How Can TentMakers Help?

It is our hope that the information provided on this website will assist victims of clergy sexual abuse to find healing, justice, life and joy. Sometimes, information is not enough, and we hope to fill those gaps so that everyone has access to services they need.


Some people may need someone to walk with them, not just figuratively but in person. Having walked through the trauma of clergy sex abuse as a family, we understand how difficult it may be for someone to do it alone. We have made it one of our goals that no one should have to walk through healing alone. We will accompany those who request us to do so, to report their abuse to law enforcement, accompany you to your counseling services until you are comfortable on your own, and if need be, accompany you to seek legal services.


Our experience has also taught us that insurance does not always pay for all counseling. Victims of clergy sex abuse should not have to rely on the source of their abuse, i.e. a Diocese, to pay for their counseling. TentMakers will help with payments to Counselors and other expenses related to healing and counseling services.

***Payments will not be made directly to victims of abuse. All payments will be made directly to service providers.